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Once upon a Grove

The city of Spruce Grove is the community of choice, and for good reason. We have some of the finest facilities, amenities, and programs in Northern Alberta. The population has doubled since 2002, and much of that growth has been young active families that embrace the lifestyle that Spruce Grove is known for. Our current skatepark simply does not serve justice to the community. It's old, outdated, lacks progressive features and flowing lines, and has become plagued with crime and unruly behavior.  Enter the Spruce Grove Skate Park Society. Our goal is to work closely with the city, the community, professional riders, experts, and engineers to produce an all-inclusive state of the art concrete landscape that can be ridden by people of all ages and skill levels. This will be achieved with a much larger, dynamic park including a pump track, plaza style features, a roll and flow section, and traditional pro-level features such as multi-depth bowls, mini ramps, and halfpipe. We are also working closely with local authorities and groups on the concept of "crime reduction through architectural design." What this means is to create a space that will attract more parents, younger riders, and families. This results in more supervision at the park and less of the people likely to commit crime or participate in unruly and illicit behaviors. This is a technique that has been implemented and proven successful in countless parks across the globe. Welcome to the Spruce Grove Skate Park Society, won't you join us on our journey to making Spruce Grove a little radder for everyone!

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